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After watching my favorite comedian, Amanda Seales on her You Tube show, “Gem Dropping with Amanda Seales: Attention vs. Do you feel Situation-ships are more common today than ever? For me, these three…well four, things kept me stuck in essentially what I know now to be a dead-end. You already know the person (because 9 times out of 10, it’s your Ex.), and you don’t feel like starting over.

Affection”, I began to ask myself…Why are situations-ships still a thing? In addition to being comfortable, Bae maybe has shown small signs or glimmers of hope that he will change.

(The box office managed to find her a seat.) As for Dad, he attended a later performance — but left at intermission.

“I just have to go,” he muttered to a theater staffer.

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And here’s the dish: Plummer received rave reviews as the demented actress in “The Two-Character Play,” an obscure Tennessee Williams melodrama running at off-Broadway’s New World Stages.

The Times’ Ben Brantley described her character as a “raging paranoiac, blessed and cursed by a talent [she] can no longer control.” That’s pretty much how people working on the show describe Plummer herself.

The diva is Amanda Plummer, one of our finest, if battiest, stage actors.Share this article with a friend, sister, co-worker.I think we should spread this conversation as far and wide as it can go.She’s been let go from shows in the past (“Art of Success” at Manhattan Theatre Club), and when she appeared in the off-Broadway play “Abundance,” Times reporter Alex Witchel described her as “someone who can call her own shots.” One night, Plummer took a strong dislike to her wig, delaying the 8 p.m. (At least there wasn’t a dust problem.) “The Two-Character Play” has been troubled from the start.The director, Gene David Kirk, was let go during technical rehearsals after reportedly clashing with the stage manager.