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There are many situations in my life that this song has fit, and hearing it helps me through the emotions of what I'm going though.

If feelings like those are the NATURAL RESULT experienced by women, and men, involved in abortions, then by implication of you're statement, you believe them to be good feelings.

WARNING: some people reading this post may find it too blunt for their personal comfort, so you may either put your head on your shoulders and grow some thicker, proverbially "pragmatic" skin; or skip this [email protected], Newcastle Australia - Can I just ask: How is it possible to have an "unexpected pregnancy"?

Let's look at this logically: Penis Vagina = Sperm in the vagina and uteris.

first of all i love this song, it is personal, lovely to listen to, and has deep and thoughtful political s--t isn't want ben wanted in the first place and this shouldn't be the place to air out all BLAKE from london, you have that picture story completely doctor wasn't doing an abortion when that picture was taken (and i know exactly the one you were talking about)the doctor was doing heart surgery on the baby to save it's life when it grabbed his finger.before you start spreading propaganda and forcing your beliefs (which don't really matter since you can't get pregenant)you should check your facts first. I had an abortion in 2009, it was and always will be the biggest mistake of my life.

Its not any easy thing to go through and its not for anyone else to tell you if its right or wrong, the choice is very much an individual one but the suffering a lot of people feel afterwards is unbearable and not something that you can even begin to imagine unless you have been down this raod. It was an empty, awful feeling, but those words describe it well.