California law for minors dating adults

Activists for age restrictions estimate that California sees about 3,000 marriages per year that include a minor.

Within the past year, elected officials in several states have pushed to restrict juvenile marriage, with a law passed last month limiting matrimony by minors in Texas to 16- and 17-year-olds who have become legal adults emancipated from their parents, and one in New York holding the line at age 17 — with a judge’s permission.Local and federal authorities said they traced the activity to Liddy's home, where a search uncovered photos on a computer and thumbdrive of minors engaged in sexual conduct.One image showed a nude girl blindfolded with her hands bound together, arrest documents said.The measure in its current form increases family court oversight to ensure that a minor’s marriage isn’t coerced, including a requirement that judges interview individuals privately.It’s a compromise, Hill said, but still a positive step.