Dating disasters

First I tried My Space and would hack around the system to block it at The Times Herald, getting yelled at repeatedly for doing so but finding the fun of hacking and messaging too tempting to resist.

” -Swipe Left“I’d been dating my then-boyfriend for six months when I started playing on my friend’s Tinder account.I met a man who made a wonderful friend but we would fight about having children all the time, it was like a loud broken record and eventually was a deal breaker. But FYI there’s always those sex dolls that are becoming very life-like and it’s pretty much the same thing for less money. Like a bad zombie movie, I went back to dating in real life -- even going beyond my self-imposed dating limits (no one shorter than me and at almost 5’8 my limit is 5’10 because of heels).A horrible man with Napoleon complex ended up calling me a bitch during dinner because he was trying to mansplain how to take photos.I never felt at home in Central Pennsylvania, and according to my brother, I wasn’t home much anyway.Being equal driving distance to either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, I was smack dab in the middle of “Pennsyltucky” in Podunk County.