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It’s a manoeuvre I’ve done daily for 10 years, but on this occasion the wind had blown the gate half-shut.

Park next to the i8 and you feel like a sixth-former looking down on the new year’s junior intake.

There are no tricky decisions on whether to buy or lease the power source – you merely choose whether to go pure EV or range-extender (REX), like ours.

There are other perks to the unobtainium build quality of the i3.

After a couple of hours at dealer Sycamore, it’s business as usual.

Engine 125k W electric motor (equivalent to 168bhp, 184lb ft), with 647cc 2-cyl petrol range extender Gearbox Single-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive Stats 8.1sec 0-62mph, 93mph, 13g/km CO2 Price £31,560 As tested £37,009 (prices quoted after govt Plug-in Grant) Miles this month 1028Total Our mpg 150.5mpg Official mpg 471mpg Fuel this month £38.53Extra costs £191.39 (new tyre) We’ve been living the i life in 2017, as not one but two fruits of BMW’s Project i have graced CAR’s long-term test fleet. The i8 recently departed these shores, but I made sure to spend decent time behind the wheel before its svelte, low-slung silhouette went off to its new home. They’re remarkably different cars, but with enough common DNA that you’ll make the connection.