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Editor's note: So you’ve swiped right, exchanged numbers and got yourself a date on Tinder. This is a 10-part series on the dating landscape among the young-ish and single-ish of India. She’ll have selfies in her backless dress, which is so short you wonder if she forgot her pants.

Part II is about the "Tinder Woman" — the 10 ladies you're likely to see on Tinder.1. She is perpetually in bars, holding many different men, or at the beach with her breasts hanging out of her bikini. PISSED OFFHER PHOTO: Her face will be hidden by her hair or giant sunglasses, or — more likely — both. She’ll reappear after two months and carry on the conversation like you never stopped.10.

HUM SAATH SAATH HAINHER PHOTO: She’ll have photos of herself cooking restaurant-ordered biryani, holding her doe-eyed nephew, praying in a Shiva temple, and playing with Tuffy. HER INTRO: If you’re looking for a fling or a one-night stand (the purpose of Tinder before we Indianised it), you’ve hit the jackpot. She’ll also have photos of women with coloured dots over their painted faces and a dagger in their hair. FRIENDS FOREVERHER PHOTO: She’ll be that cute and bubbly girl with lots of group photos in which you see half your friends.

She went on three different dates through three different dating apps. Taking my hands in his, running his fingers through my hair.See, Photoshop was her second name before she got Lazy. These swingers do not reveal their names or photos, but they’re happy to reveal their home address. She is usually white, super toned and every Indian man’s fantasy date. It’s called the subtle act of deception, something that human history has long witnessed, so what’s a little Tinder? Rishab and I matched one day, and our relationship just grew,” she says.Rishab adds that he was on Tinder because his work as a web developer demanded that he research these apps.