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The city itself is an odd mix of historic buildings and tacky tourist traps, amusement piers and nightlife.

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The old core of Lewes still follows the street plan established by the Saxons under Alfred the Great.

The village is an attractive little place in the lea of Mount Caburn.

Glynde is the home of Glynde Place, a magnificent Elizabethan manor that has been the home of the Trevor family for over 300 years.

There is a pretty stretch of the village along the Serein River, including an attractive fortified building called the "Tour Mirau d'aval" (because it was downstream - in French en aval - of the bridge) that originally defended the eastern side of Chablis on the side of the river.

You can cross the bridge and turn left to walk a little way to reach the Parc de la Liberté, then cross the bridge in the parc to reach the other half of the parc (the promenade du Patis), from where you can turn left and head back into Chablis village centre.