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The unmarried women were uncomfortable with the idea in general.

The divorced women were so mistrustful of men—usually because of their husband’s infidelities—that they saw the first wife as a rival, even in death.

I wasn’t sure that was a combination I wanted to take on, but my sister, who had my login details so she could snoop around on my behalf, thought that the fact that Tim had favourited my profile and he looked nice was enough to “give him a try”.

In the first emails Tim and I sent each other we mentioned previous relationships – my failed marriage and his wife’s death at 36 from breast cancer – but only in a fact-finding kind of way.

Many divorced men I met had already raised their own children and I had doubts about their commitment to mine I didn’t want to meet anyone who wasn’t interested in being a father and a spouse.

I never refused a set up or blind date by my friends and colleagues since they knew me best and understood what I needed. On our first date, I wore my wedding ring and with guarded resistance remarked to Larry as we walked towards the restaurant “you know four people are going on this date.” He agreed and from that moment on I knew that he was going to allow me space to hold onto the love I would always have for my first husband, Allen.

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His relationship status on the dating website was “widower” and his age 39.

Both Miriam and Sylvia had to overcome their feelings of betraying their dead children in order to embrace their replacements.

It helps that other family members accepted and supported our new blended family.