Dating workmates

TAURUS April 21 to May 21 Mercury’s mind-sharpening power is focusing on finances, and your clear explanations can get even the most reluctant family members to contribute what they can.

Discovering how deep a love-commitment goes is a nice surprise. A competitive co-worker may already have a crush on you.

LIBRA September 23 to October 23 So many good plans can be put into action and promises can be fulfilled, although perhaps not how you expect.

The more flexible you are at work, the luckier you will be.

AQUARIUS January 21 to February 18 Today is about deciding what you really want because when you’re sure, it all starts happening for you.

Your practical side means you see solutions others miss, so make this great star energy count. New love reminds you of an ex but manages to be far more dependable yet also more exciting.

Being confident but able to take advice helps your ambitions.

Love takes over and could be why you’re looking for a larger home.GEMINI May 22 to June 21 There is something fascinating about you now the moon is in your sign, and even someone who has blocked your plans is much more co-operative.Love-wise, daring to expect the best of each other can transform a partnership.Passion is never dull and nor are you, and your plans for the future are a good match for your partner’s.The sun boosts your energy and you make others feel good.