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The same sound ts is sometimes written as one letter and sometimes as two. Snehitudu: Aite na pellam sangati nuvvu yeragav anna mata. asadhyudu, extraordinary person, ita- nu yeccadi vado asadhyudu lag ’ unnadu , abharanam tsancalo v’unna sangati cuda grahinchinddu, he seems to have some sort of extraordinary gift, he has guessed that I have the jewellery in my armpit.

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The six long vowels, six short vowels, and two diphthongs for which there are characters by no means exhaust the range of vowel sounds used in speaking. asandarbhamu arugn and tentsuta which both mean ‘ to go* in books. A Hindu : There is nothing impossible in this world. The former NYPD Blue actress, 43, went on the offensive with accusations of infidelity against her husband, e-mailing an angry note this week to some of his colleagues including those at Creative Artists Agency, where Michael Nilon works as an agent, PEOPLE has confirmed. Vandyk, London THE RAJA OF BOBBILI of a Telugu family once famous in war, now devoted to civil adminis- tration. He is our present Chief Minister and Chief Patron of this work. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS LONDON : HUMPHREY MILFORD 1935 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS AMEN HOUSE, E. 4 London Edinburgh Glasgow New York Toronto Melbourne Capetown Bombay Calcutta Madras Shanghai HUMPHREY MILFORD PUBLISHER TO THE UNIVERSITY PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN LIST OF PATRONS AND SUBSCRIBERS CHIEF PATRON DEDICATED BY PERMISSION TO THE HONOURABLE THE RAJA OF BOBBILI Chief Minister to the Madras Government and Pro-Chancellor of the Andhra University OTHER PATRONS SIR GEORGE FORBES Emeritus Member of Council , Madras S. His grandfather was the first Indian Member of the Executive Council of the Presidency. SOMETIME SCHOLAR OF TRINITY COLLEGE, OXFORD CAVALIERE DELLA CORONA D’l TALIA CORRESPONDING MEMBER OF THE ROYAL BATAVIA SOCIETY Author of Sahacarula Parapati Sanghamulu , Vimala Gnyan * opadesamulu , The Dutch in Malabar } translation of K.