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There is a very substantial list of reasons why dating a porn actress would possibly be one of the most awesome things to happen in your life.For starters, you can get that “My other ride is a porn star” bumper sticker you always wanted to slap on your Jetta!We'll post satellite pictures on each ghost's personal page and say the photos were taken from heaven. Dilbert: Our apps are so addictive that we've triggered a zombie apocalypse. They can only see and hear their own phones, Boss: Do the zombies eat brains? Boss: Will you stop talking like that if I give you a raise? Dilbert: I'm starting to realize that my market value as a single guy is higher than I thought. I go on dates and then compare the analytics to see who I click with most. The Boss says, "The customer is an attractive young woman. Coworker: Who's up for a debate about scalable architecture followed by some spawning. Asok says, "To answer your question faster, I'll need to use the two halves of my brain like dual core processors." Asok says, "I'm only warning you because it might be disconcerting to watch." Woman says, "How bad could it be? " Woman says, "Maybe you can e-mail me your answer." Press Conference Dogbert says, "As you can clearly see, I have created cold fusion." Man says, "That's not cold fusion. I go on dates and then compare the analytics to see who I click with most. Company policy requires you to register your lustful feelings with our legal department.

Look, I should first say that I don’t have any problem with Internet pornography or adult film actresses.

There are a lot of things to consider before entering into a relationship with an adult film actress.

Photo credit: jurvetson, Flickr There is something mysterious about a woman that attracts us to them in the first place.

You'll need to bring a handsome man with you to translate." The Boss says, "The translator will repeat everything you say, word for word, but he'll say it more handsomely." Dilbert says, "Hi." Customer says, "What's he jabbering about? Catbert: I heard that you self-identify as a woman. Catbert: Well, I need you to do that so the company can be supportive and win some awards for being a great place to work. It's just a jar with a lightbulb." Dogbert says, "Here's some more news: No one cares what the camera guy thinks." Woman says, "It's free energy!

I'm working on that." Carl says, "Let's have lunch so I can tell you about our products." Dilbert says, "No thanks." Dilbert says, "I don't like meeting new people." Dilbert says, "Every person I meet chips away at my freedom." Dilbert says, "If I have lunch with you, I'll feel an obligation to return your pestering phone calls." Dilbert says, "My lunchtime is the only chance I get during the day to scrape off the leeches." Dilbert says, "Nothing personal." Woman says, "Do you want to have lunch and discuss our new product line? " Dilbert says, "Carl, you are totally in the wrong profession." Boss: We bought a Silicon Valley start-up just to get the engineers. They're socially awkward and they haven't seen a woman in four years.