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‘As he’s been growing up, I’ve used my phone to take millions of photos of him and some videos — but also to keep an eye on the real world through social media and news websites, especially while I was on maternity leave, often checking it every 20 minutes or so.‘Theo’s now got to an age where he knows how to demand my full attention and isn’t afraid to vocalise that, either by crying as soon as I pick up my phone or even hitting it out of my hand sometimes.’Jude admits she found the first few months of motherhood hard, and her phone became a lifeline to the outside world.

She used it to chat to other mums on forums, a much-needed reprieve from the daily slog as well as a font of useful advice.‘I had a life before my baby, and I suppose I saw my phone as a way of re-entering that world,’ she says.‘But I soon realised I probably didn’t have the right balance with it.

On his Thursday morning commute Mr Milton, 46, encountered a heavy queue of traffic and drove past a handful of drivers staring at their devices while edging forward.

At one point, a woman on her mobile, seemingly obvious to Mr Milton, drove dangerously close to him as they shared a lane.

” I suddenly realised that I was missing out on just being with him such a lot of the time,’ says Bethan, 25, from Stockport.‘There were times when he’d be talking and trying to explain something to me and I’d be distracted by my phone and would just say: “Yes, yes” — without really listening.‘Once, after we’d made a batch of fairy cakes together, I went on my phone and heard him ask for a fairy cake. When he asked again a few minutes later, I kept automatically saying yes.

When I eventually glanced up from my phone, I found six empty fairy cake wrappers on the table.‘My husband Adam notices how glued I am to my phone and will often tell me to put it down.

Liz King, headmistress of St Joseph’s, said: ‘We are always looking at ways to engage parents and we’ve got the signs at each entrance.

As a result, he decided to compile video footage of his commute from New Haw near Weybridge with a Go Pro camera strapped to his helmet to catch careless drivers getting dangerously close to him as he rides.

The object of her lust is lying face-down with its volume switched off, but it might as well be serenading her. Leaving nine-year-old Herbie stranded mid-long division, she’s out of her chair and eagerly checking the messages on her mobile phone.

” and I’ll have to fudge it and say: “Er, yes, how fantastic,” when it’s a blatant lie.‘I feel terribly guilty about it.

They need to hear about their children’s day, their concerns and their interests, and make them feel they are important beyond anything else.’Kate Beavis is certainly determined to make changes.

A biker frustrated with those who use their mobile phones while driving has started to film his daily commute to work to record his near misses.