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"Thank you for everything you gave me to help."Waving that away, Victor stands. That shoulder bag is only going to make your head worse, let me get that one."Oh. They leave Victor's room together, walk down the hall together. He lingers long enough for all the nearby cameras to capture just how theatrically tender the gesture is."You too," Yuuri rasps out at least a full ten seconds late. But Victor doesn't miss a step: he reacts so quickly, putting on a delighted expression, throwing his arms around Yuuri and hugging him."I can't wait to talk more," Victor says. Not really."Your coach is going to tear you away from me if I don't let you go," Victor says, easing Yuuri back down. Wait, Victor said dosvidaniya, should Yuuri do that too? But it feels impossible to move away while Victor's still standing there, gazing down at him. If the point is to try to reassure Chris's boyfriend that Victor doesn't have designs on Chris, no matter how racy the photos they took together might be, then of course Victor needs to establish his alibi as soon as possible. Travel safe," Victor says, and kisses Yuuri's forehead. Thank you for giving it a chance." He backs off just enough to meet Yuuri's eyes, beaming at him. It's nothing, it must seem bizarrely immature, practically just a brush of lips. He used to that maybe if he worked his heart out and made the podium at the GPF or Worlds, he might get a fellow medalist's hug from Victor after the ceremony. He doesn't deserve this, and he doesn't it, he reminds himself. I'm going to end up texting you before your car even leaves the lot. I promise, I'd rather know if it's too much.""I promise," says Yuuri, for lack of anything better to say. No, he's not, he can't take advantage of this anymore, he should move away, get in the car.He can say with complete sincerity, "I'm glad you enjoyed your celebration.""More than any other," Victor says warmly. things did get a little crazy, and there were photos... ""Straight, in a long-term relationship, engaged," Victor counts them off on his fingers and shrugs."What about literally anyone else on Victor drops his hands onto his knees. " He stares at his feet, trying to get his breathing under control."Most people don't base their relationships on figure skating scores, do they? "And I realize this competition's been rough for you, but you make it to the Final, and you were so good at Skate America! Vitya xx: I will be good Vitya xx: I'm saving all my being bad for the next time I see you ^_~ Vitya xx: I won't say that where anyone can hear me either, don't worry! I don't care if it was Victor Nikiforov or the Czar of Russia--""Coach, please. Me: yes pls avoid that, it will definitely sound like a hookup Vitya xx: «We talked after the competition ended, and at the banquet we danced and spent a lot of time together.

This is a favor Victor is trying to do for Chris, it doesn't have anything to do with Yuuri. Victor stows Yuuri's bag in the trunk and turns to him, framing his face with both hands, and everyone else drops out of Yuuri's attention completely."Yuuri almost asks who Chris is before he realizes, of course, Christophe Giacometti; it would never in a million years occur to Yuuri to call him Chris, even though they've spoken a few times at competitions. He's sweating a little, just from freaking out; he wipes his eyes and goes to clean his glasses on his t-shirt, almost forgetting before he stops short and tilts them. like something happened and you're denying it Vitya xx: Ok...But Victor can probably call anyone anything he wants."I didn't know that, no," Yuuri says."The wedding's not far off and they've both been getting jitters," says Victor blithely. "I guess it might seem like a stretch, since we hadn't really talked before this competition. «We talked after the competition ended, and at the banquet we danced and spent a lot of time together. Yuuri should touch back, where can he touch, what's safe-- he settles his own hands at Victor's waist."Dosvidaniya. Any moment now, Victor will let go and step away, but suddenly Yuuri thinks, no, wait, it's true: Yuuri is giving this crazy scheme a chance. He knows he's going to collapse as soon as he lets himself think about what he's gotten himself into, and if he's going to panic anyway, at least this part should be good. Yuuri leans up on his toes and kisses Victor Nikiforov, quick and light. He's chest-to-chest with Victor, he can feel Victor's shoulders flex as he tightens his arms and lifts Yuuri almost off his feet with a little laugh. If he keeps looking at Yuuri like that, Yuuri is going to lose his mind and kiss him again. The elevator descends another floor, opens to the fourth floor, holds, closes."Could I kiss you now? The backs of his fingers brush over Yuuri's cheeks. That's for-- when you don't expect to see someone for a long time," says Yuuri."Definitely not that, then," Victor smiles.

Free skype sex chat rooms ukno sign up