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A view of the left side of the generator compartment showing the unique method of mounting the stacked tone generators. Oil put in these cups is distributed throughout the tone generators.

This plate inside the tone generator section identifies the mechanism as Hammond.

The wooden box behind the expression pedal contains the vacuum pump. Note the chorus generator drawbar to the left of the start switches. The presets, notice that they are numbered rather than given instrumental or organ ensemble names. The tremolo gives an intensity rather than a pitch change. Little rectangular labels above drawbars identify which preset controls that section of drawbars A picture of the player control panel. In the lower left hand corner is the pneumatic air motor for the spooling mechanism.

Note that even the wood sides of the chime keyboard is finished blond. It closes a set of 37 contacts to bring the slightly detuned chorus generator tone wheels on line to give the sound a slight undulating effect. Behind it are the two primary stacks that supply vacuum to the individual pneumatics located under the keyboards.

Another view of the pneumatics and pulls that operate the normal key contacts.

The keys do not depress when the player is operating.