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We are equally proud that some of the world's wealthiest families, international businesses, as well as five-star hotels, resorts, private clubs, and cruise lines, turn to us for staff training, for staff recruitment as well as for our highly specialized consulting services. More importantly is that 75% of these graduates are still employed in the same job one year after their recruitment.

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Katie Maud was imagined and developed by me in 2014 after I took up mindfulness meditation practice and was then looking for some contemporary design products that would give a little reminder to be more mindful in the day; fresh design with uplifting but practical words.

He left a will on 13 March 1760 in Schenectady, Province of New York, now Schenectady County.

In the will, he mentions the daughters Marya and Deborah of his son Walter (deceased), his sons Thomas and John and daughters Marya Vanderheyden and Anna.

Although she sent letters and documents to other family members about other possible lines, most of the material that remains in her collected papers shows both Walters with a couple of generations of question marks between them.

This compiler has not been able to find any evidence that links the two families, other than the similarity in names, though evidence that links our Walter to any other family is also lacking.