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All is well after, and the Kardashian family enjoys the rest of their vacation together.

After so much chaos among the family, Bruce decides that it'd be best to take a family skiing trip to Colorado, where his mid-life crisis intensifies, as he spends time with guys that are Rob's age.

Meanwhile, the family gangs up on Kim, claiming she is not spending quality time with the family during their vacation.

Kim, feeling hurt, then decides to leave Colorado, but then is persuaded to come back after she hears an apology left by Khloe, saying they are sorry for being so mean, and that they love her and want her to come back.

Kim and Kourtney are worried about Khloé being single and start an online dating profile for her.

Khloé gets angry but goes along with the speed dates.

Khloe kardashian dating rashad mccants