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Experts say there are many reasons the pope has pursued China so doggedly.

He faces mounting opposition from conservative factions within the Catholic Church, led by Raymond Cardinal Burke.

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And if China’s experiment with the Catholic Church goes well, it could lead to further freedom for the hundreds of millions of Chinese who practice some form of organized religion.

TJ, a 29-year-old Catholic who works for a state-owned enterprise in Beijing, is hopeful.

In September 2015, the pope and Xi both spoke at the U. “You could say…these two great leaders of very different kind of movements converged in the understanding of very, very essential issues on the global future…to face the problems of climate change, sustainability and poverty.” that he would visit China “as soon as they send me an invitation,” then defended China’s position on religion with a controversial statement: “In China, the churches are packed.

In China they can worship freely.”The next month, the Vatican faced further criticism for its softening stance toward China when it invited professor Huang Jiefu, a highly regarded former Chinese vice minister of health, to speak at the Vatican’s organ-trafficking conference, a decision ethicists criticized, citing China’s practice of harvesting organs from executed prisoners.