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You can barely plane with 10 HP, 2 people in a hard bottom sailboat dinghy.there will be times when you want to go a mile or more in your dinghy. All I would have to have done was observe what was tied up at the dinghy docks in the you see..bottom dinghies with 15 HP motors.You go faster and you and everybody on board stays dryer and happier.This picture shows a dinghy on plane, it is riding out of the water..waves splashing against the boat and on its occupants. There are jobs that require only a few minutes, to job that can fill many hours per month.Regardless of your age, your skill or knowledge, or the number of hours of spare time you have... Animals Arts Community Churches Environment Emergency Government Political Action Senior Citizens Youth & Children Animals Whidbey Animal Improvement Foundation (WAIF) is a non-profit, volunteer-staffed organization on Whidbey Island which was formed in 1990 and is dedicated to helping homeless companion animals and developing programs to educate people to care for them with respect and compassion.When you get ready to go ashore, put on your collared shirt, and cotton dress the last thing you want to do is get wet.

Another reason to have davits is for passage making. I sold the 5 HP motor to a young guy who lost his dinghy, motor, etc coming over from Europe.I chose a 5 hp Nissan with an internal tank..mistake... It couldn't get the boat on plane..enough power..internal tank didn't hold but a gallon, not enough range.The third mistake I made was buying a 10 HP motor, after the still not enough power.To volunteer to help the event organizers call 206-729-9972 or [email protected] Orca Network is dedicated to raising awareness about the whales of the Pacific NW, and the importance of providing them healthy and safe habitats. We welcome volunteers to help in the shelter, at community events, and with fundraising. We are looking for volunteers who will help year-round, as well as volunteers who are interested in working 1 hour a year.Projects include the Whale Sighting Network, Education programs, and the "Free Lolita" campaign. To report whale sightings, call 1-866-ORCANET or email [email protected] Animal Shelter Association P. Box 1726, Stanwood, WA 98292 (360) 387-1902 Open Tuesday-Friday, 11am-3pm; Saturday & Sunday, 11am-4pm; Closed Mondays. Pilchuck Wildlife Services Please call before handling wildlife. Box 625, Stanwood, WA 98292 (360) 387-8299 Back to the index Arts Whidbey Island Center for the Arts Whidbey Island Center for the Arts (W. We have given over 1/2 million dollars back to the Coupeville community in grants and scholarships. ( 360) 678-5116 Stanwood-Camano Arts Guild The Stanwood Camano Arts Guild is an association of artists and art enthusiasts in and around Stanwood and Camano Island, Washington, sharing ideas, resources, and energy. (360) 387-7146 Back to the index Community Arc of Island and Skagit Counties New local Arc chapter is currently building teams of volunteers of all ages to brainstorm, plan and create fundraising activities and events within the Island and Skagit communities.