Peavey 5150 dating

The 5150 featured a three-band EQ, whereas the 5150 II has two such EQ's (one each for the rhythm and lead channels) for better fine-tuning.

There are separate Resonance and Presence controls for the rhythm and lead channels on the newer model, while the previous possessed only one set of such controls.

If you own neither one, on the other hand, go with the II; you'll never know when you might want a bit more governance over your tone.

This amp rates a solid 8.5 on a scale of one to ten in my book.

Four Peavey Sheffield 12 speakers which reproduces the sonic qualities of the original '60s version Greenback used to make EVH tone from day one.

There's a case in the rhythm channel: the sound is practically identical to the first 5150's clean sound (admirable, but no where close to being as incredible as an amplifier like the Carvin Legacy amp), yet you have more power to make minute changes in the sonic output. Most Van Halen fans will be playing through the excellent lead channel anyhow, so the rhythm channel's expanded controls will matter little.

My advice is: if you already own a 5150, don't bother laying down your hard-earned cash for a 5150 II -- it's just not worth it for minor refinements.

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High-density plywood construction, USA EVH 5150 speakers with Greenback voicing.