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Local support and interest groups Support groups for single parents can be especially helpful for sharing ideas, feelings and experiences with other people in the same situation as you.You can also join book clubs, craft or sporting clubs, charity organisations or political groups.So surround yourself with people who have dreams, hopes and goals.

Reaching out for support – and saying yes when it’s offered – can be hard sometimes.You might feel like you should be able to cope on your own, or that you’re being a nuisance. And if you’re prepared to help them out in return, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable.If you’re finding it hard to think of people who might be able to help, you could try these ideas: Without the respite, I would not have been as calm a caregiver as I have managed to be. I went to a support group and we took turns minding each other’s kids.Try inviting people to afternoon tea, or just to go for a walk.When you talk to other parents, you might be surprised at the family changes they’ve been through themselves.