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But…they are all strutting around huge plates of food. They’ll tell you that fat people just eat too much—those fatties, with their lack of self-control.So when the camera lingers on Luke taking a bite of a cheeseburger, films him at a backyard BBQ flipping more burgers, I have opinions.

I try to remember that meeting a good partner is a challenge for everyone, but it’s hard in the face of these stories not to feel like the show’s producers are conflating “fat women” with “pathetic, sad women” and leaving it at that.

In 2009, the Fox series wasn’t exactly a breakthrough in reality TV civil rights.

As Kate Harding wrote in Salon, the so-called “Fatchelor” unabashedly exploited stereotypes about obesity (and publicly flaunted each contestant’s exact height and weight), but nevertheless had value in that it offered an all-too-rare mainstream representation of Lane Bryant-wearing women as sexually desirable beings.

And I’d also be tempted to make up a drinking game around how often the contestants and suitor on the show say “voluptuous, curvy women.” It would be an easy way to get sloshed.

I’m a fat activist; I want to say that right up front.