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Or if you did prepare but forgot to check-in before hitting apply. Ultimately, you need to get the original code from another VM that wasn't affected.

So, consider these points: - Did the hotfix go into source control and was it synchronized to other VMs as well? this means removing the hotfix would affect multiple machines) - Was it just an issue on your dev box, for example you hit apply right after prepare but haven't checked in anything (i.e.

There aren't many hotfixes for platform since it is updated monthly anyway, but when there is it's cumulative and you install the whole thing at once as an update.

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If the scope is just your machine, consider just getting a new VM.What this means is if you were to "rollback" (undo) the add from source control - the opposite of an add is... So if all dev boxes synchronized the hotfix (as an "add") and you rollback, all dev boxes when synching will say...hmm, I added this file and now it's gone, so let me delete it. For this specific reason, the "prepare" option was added to the hotfix installation.When you apply a hotfix and check in the changed object, source control will consider this a "new" object ("add") since you just added it to source control.But of course you technically already had it to begin with.