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It is this point that tells me the work of Peter Wakefield Sault in his book The Keys of Atlantis could well be onto something with musical or other references hidden within the numbers Plato has left us.

The IPCC has predicted that few areas will be left untouched by the impacts of climate change, which they say will include increasing levels of extreme weather events such as heatwaves and snow storms More than half of proven fossil fuel reserves may have to stay in the ground if governments are serious about a promise made in 2010 to limit a rise in average temperatures to 2°C (3.6°F) above pre-industrial times, the Global Carbon Project report by leading research institutes said.

It contains more than 30 gears but may have contained far more originally, and is sometimes referred to as the first known analog computer, although its absolutely perfect manufacturing suggests that it may have had a number of predecessors during the Hellenistic Greek period which have not yet been found.

The device is remarkable for the level of miniaturization and for the complexity of its parts, which is often compared to that of 18th century clocks.

Technological artifacts of similar complexity did not reappear until well over a thousand years later.

The mechanism is the oldest known complex scientific calculator.