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But unlike grizzly bears, black bears don’t have a hump on their backs, and their ears are more pointed. And once they learn how to find food, they generally never forget.

They also have straighter snouts, said Dan Thompson, a large-carnivore biologist for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. In September 1981, John Hogg’s dog, Shep, dragged a dead animal onto the porch at his ranch outside Meeteetse.

The park extends into Wyoming and Montana, and its 27 miles of hiking trails take a visitor through prairie, forest, high desert and wetlands.

Camping, fishing and boating opportunities also abound. It can be seen and spoken to through the fence at the Sybille Wildlife Research Center on Highway 34.

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But like its neighbor gold camp to the east, Atlantic City's rush was short-lived, leaving behind an old mining town sure to take visitors back in time.

Visitors to Atlantic City, which sits just a few miles from the South Pass City Historic Site, are treated to an authentic look and feel of the Old West.

The granite pyramid rises from a stretch of plains east of Laramie. It memorializes Oakes and Oliver Ames, brothers who played important roles in the construction of the country's first transcontinental railroad, according to a historic marker at the monument's base.

Sixty feet in height, it appears as an unusual sentinel amid the barren surroundings. The pyramid marks the highest point on the original rail route.