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And as a new piece of law, IPO cases haven't worked their way up to higher courts that can provide guidance on interpretation.After Michelle - with an attorney she obtained through the Legal Aid Society - appealed Bowles' ruling, the judge went back to the statute, reading through it again five or six times.A bailiff stands as a quiet barrier between the tables where the parties sit.Others on the docket are asked to wait in the hallway until their case is called, keeping the courtroom quiet and more private.

The suspects were charged with Unlawful Transaction with a Minor 1st Degree-Illegal Sex Act, Victim under 18-years of age and/or Prohibited Use of an Electronic Communication System to Procure Sex from a Minor, according to investigators. Almost no violations of the IPOs have been reported.But putting the new law into practice has not been without its growing pains.The question was, Bowles said, if a dating relationship needed to be proven in all cases or if the latter two criteria could stand alone."Our job is to look at the statutes and try to rule on the law in the way that the legislators intended," he said."Sometimes we’re not sure."Michelle appeared before the judge in early March, again looking to the court for help. Different tears.“I don’t want to feel like I have to move away to feel safe," Michelle said.