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Nearly all 221 and 222 Singer Featherweights sew well or, with minor "tune ups", can be adjusted to sew well. But the important question is "How good does it look?Singer 221and 222 Featherweights are very reliable and very straightforward to maintain. " The phrase "It looks good given its age" doesn't cut it when it comes to Singer Featherweight 221 or 222 sewing machines.This would be those machines associated with the 1934 "Century of Progress / Chicago World's Fair", the 1936 "Texas Centennial", and the 1939 "Golden Gate Exposition".For each of these events, and on just a very limited number of machnes, Singer replaced the regular Singer medallion that is riveted to the front of the arm with a special medallion to commemorate that exposition.Locate the serial number stamped or embossed into a metal, rounded strip attached or embedded into the base of the machine in the front or on the base below the wheel.Match the serial number on your sewing machine with a serial number on one of the three lists the Singer Company posts online (see Resources).Most Featherweights were painted black, but during the 1960's Singer manufactured Featherweights in beigey-tan and white / pale green colors.To celebrate their 100 year anniversary Singer branded a relatively small number of machines manufactured during 19 with a special logo to commemorate this, and these are referred to as "Centennials".

However, lists of serial numbers for machines produced from 1851-1870 are unavailable because the original serial number log books were lost, according to Singer. From the cast iron treadle-operated machines before the advent of electricity, to the iron "modern" machines of the 1950's, many a seamstress has owned a Singer.Identifying the production year of an antique sewing machine may be difficult for some brands, but not for Singer machines.The machines would have come off the production line sometime between that date and the date of the next production series assignment.How your Singer 221 or 222 sewing machine looks cosmetically is as important to its resale value as anything else. The real indicator of value isn't whether your sewing machine "still sews". It may be a question of how well it sews, or what needs to be "tweeked" or cleaned to make it sew better.