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Polish Air Force researcher Franek Grabowski, we now know more about these 16 prisoners of war.

Though we cannot at present put names to faces he has helped us know who most of those servicemen were and their interesting history.

They were keen on more wealth, more attractive and helpless women, and more liquor too!

Terschelling is one of the Wadden Islands, which form an archipelago off the north coast of the Netherlands, it is some 11 kilometres from the mainland and is located in the municipality of Terschelling, which is in the province of Friesland.

The island can be reached from Harlingen on the mainland by ferry.

Zumbach, who was the senior officer, and who spoke perfect German due to his Swiss origin, told the officer that the war is soon to be over and it is in his [the Jerry officer's] best interest to take good care of the Po Ws, because it depends on them, what they will tell the liberating troops.

Then Zumbach asked to place the Po Ws in the best hotel on the island, then for free time until 21.00, and finally requested the guard to give honours to Allied officers.