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Installing Missing e is a breeze: simple click the download link on the Missing e page, and the add-on will lead you through the process according to the browser you’re using.

Once installed, refresh your Tumblr dashboard to find a new Missing e settings button.

Click on it to view the blog as a collage made only of photos.

is more than a simple add-on, it’s a kit including dozens of add-ons which you can easily add and remove from Tumblr.

The installation process is a bit different for each browser, but XKit will recognize your browser and show you the way.

Of course, you can use Tumblr for all your blogging needs, post text, quotes, audio clips, videos, and anything else you wish.

Tumblr’s success comes from being very intuitive and simple to use for users of all kinds, but a good interface is still not a perfect one.