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CANON i MAGE GATEWAY also serves as a bridge site to send images wirelessly to e-mail addresses, social networking services, and other Web services.Click cig, access the appropriate CANON i MAGE GATEWAY site for your country of residence, and follow the on-screen instructions to register as a member.You want to get the list of site templates for the site collection.Additionally, you want the list of list templates for each site.Please refer to the attached "Share Point Web service browser" example that provides a complete wrapper class for all existing (about 150) Web methods.This removes the burden of adding all the Web references and worrying about the details how to instantiate each Web method, and so on.This program is an assignment for a gradute class I am taking at Regis University and the assignment is to implement the following design pattern. I have provided a link to the Github page of the source code.

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It is very easy to learn and use these Web services and Web methods.public class Programs List Fragment extends List Fragment implements Loader Callbacks{ private static final String[] PROJECTION = new String[] ; Simple Cursor Adapter m Adapter; @Override public void on Create(Bundle saved Instance State) @Override public View on Create View(Layout Inflater inflater, View Group container, Bundle saved Instance State) public void on Load Finished(Loader loader, Cursor cursor) public void on Loader Reset(Loader loader) @Override public Loader on Create Loader(int loader Id, Bundle arg) If the data for the Content Provider is coming only from the database, this content should display if you run the application now, however I have added another complexity which is that the data is coming from a REST web service.The web service in question here is a server at Regis University that just returns a list of Computer related programs.I had a stand alone service that calls this Web Service and returns a JSONArray, however I could not figure out how to start this service from within my Provider class, so I ended up calling the web service from within my Provider class, I know it may not be the best approach but that is what worked for me for now.CANON i MAGE GATEWAY offers various services, such as the ability to share images in an online photo album.