Updating excel from a word file Caught on audult cam

Click Insert Sub Split Notes(delim As String, str Filename As String) Dim doc As Document Dim arr Notes Dim I As Long Dim X As Long Dim Response As Integer arr Notes = Split(Active Document. Note: (1) Be sure to add your delimiter as the same as in the sub Test to suit your needs.Range, delim) Response = Msg Box("This will split the document into " & UBound(arr Notes) 1 & " sections. ", 4) If Response = 7 Then Exit Sub For I = LBound(arr Notes) To UBound(arr Notes) If Trim(arr Notes(I)) "" Then X = X 1 Set doc = Documents. (3) And the splitting documents will be saved to the same place with the original file.In the forums where people have discussed this problem (for example here, here, and here), there have been various theories that have been floated and discarded.At first I thought it only happened when I was clicking on files stored on a network shared folder instead of my local hard drive, as suggested in a few forum posts.Split Word document by specified delimiter with VBA Split Word document by page with VBA Split Word document by heading/page/section break/page break with using Kutools for Word Comparing to splitting a Word document by copying and pasting, Kutools for Word will ease you work, and improve your work efficiency dramatically by its Split feature, which can quickly split current opening Word document to multiple ones by page, by section break, by page break, or by Heading 1 as you need. Close True End If Next I End Sub Sub test() 'delimiter & filename Split Notes "///", "Notes " End Sub 3.

It has happened to me on my desktop and on several laptops; on computers upgraded from Windows 7/8 and computers with clean installs of Windows 10; on computers with Office 2013 and Office 2016.

There are a number of troubleshooting tips that apparently work for some people.

If this is a problem for you, it won’t hurt to try them.

Set doc Multiple = Active Document 'Work on the active document _ (the one currently containing the Selection) Set rng Page = doc Multiple. End 'last page (there won't be a next page) Else 'Find the beginning of the next page 'Must use the Selection object. Set doc Multiple = Nothing Set doc Single = Nothing Set rng Page = Nothing End Sub check criteria you will split by from the Split by drop down list, and (3) click the OK button.

Range 'instantiate the range object i Current Page = 1 'get the document's page count i Page Count = doc Multiple. Compute Statistics(wd Statistic Pages) Do Until i Current Page i Page Count If i Current Page = i Page Count Then rng Page. See screenshot: And now the current Word document is split by the specified criteria (Heading 1 in my case), and the destination folder opens automatically with split documents.