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Why didn’t the court tag Vicky, place her under a strict curfew and impose a community sentence that involved teaching other women how to get a job?

At the very least this intelligent (but misguided) breadwinner should be sharing her skills with others less fortunate.

She looks far less frail than she did too, implying she's beginning to recover from a particularly turbulent period in her life. but what it's done has changed my outlook on life," she tells me, reeling off a list of charitable roles she's taken on, writing on economics that's keeping her busy, and of course the economics advisory job she's been given at the Business department. Being in the public eye, every move of yours is looked at," she says.

When I suggest, though, that her rehabilitation has been relatively straightforward, she bridles slightly. Although people stopping her in the street are on the whole "very very positive ...

Over the course of a year, 10,000 women — more than half of whom are mums — will be sent to jail for a short period of time, resulting in 17,000 children being separated from their mothers, causing huge upset and disruption and stigmatising the totally innocent.

Not only are they learning nothing from their incarceration, the mindless cycle of self-abuse, petty crime, minor drug offences and receiving stolen goods will continue as before. More than half the women in jail have been in care and many have been the victims of domestic or childhood abuse (double the number of men).

who were not prejudiced by what had happened to me. Very often they are homeless and then they find there's a huge amount of prejudice when they are applying for jobs." And that's why her main preoccupation at the moment is what she does for Working Chance.

She's patron of the charity, which helps women with criminal convictions to find work.

there are times I want to sit down and read the paper without someone talking to me, so I do sometimes take my glasses off".

All the more so since lurid headlines about her relationship with her ex-husband Chris Huhne and his sexuality are daily being reported in court during the trial of the part-time judge Constance Briscoe – something she, not surprisingly, refuses to be drawn on.